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You can talk over secure phone and video calls with our food allergy nurses and coaches about anything you want extra support on when it comes to parenting a child with allergies: introducing new foods, navigating social situations, how to handle upcoming allergy appointments, birthdays, school, camp, sports, and more.

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How it works

Step 1
Listen & Assess
We will discuss your child’s food allergies and help you navigate this stage in your journey. Keeping the whole-person in mind, we will create a personalized action plan.
Step 2
Create A Plan

Next, we will devise a plan together to decrease your family’s fear of food allergies and bring normalcy back into your life, specifically relating to traveling, socializing, school-life and holidays. It is time to take back control from food allergies!

Step 3
Get Ongoing Support
Our team will support you every step of the way via live calls and messaging, helping you prioritize your next steps, implement your recommendations, and get the most out of your food allergy action plan.

What Backstop® members are saying

"I could see the relief in my daughter's face. I cried. Lol. I hope you know how impactful this work is and how much you'll change the face of managing allergies."
- Jamie K.
"Thank you for everything. The work that you do has truly made a difference to our family."
- Andrea H.
Allergy Mom
"In my opinion, there is not a better resource out there. I highly recommend signing up for this service. The personalized attention is amazing."
- Kristen L.
Allergy Mom
"I don't believe there is any other platform like this and I am excited and grateful for the arsenal of support that you provide. Thank you again for your time and service."
- Amy H.
Allergy Mom
"I've gained a lot in terms of knowledge and support. Just the perfect mix. It is great to hear the stories of other mother's and hear everyone's different perspectives."
- Nola W.
Allergy Mom
"You've been a trusted partner since day one. Always appreciate your support and listening to my questions about helping Lucy."
- Greg M.
Allergy Dad
"I felt instantly welcomed and supported from the very first workshop. Your guidance has been a huge source of comfort to me as I learn more about navigating my daughter's food allergies."
- Susie E.
Allergy Mom
"We would like to say thank you. You were an answer to our prayers. You were able to put my daughter at ease and relate to her on so many levels."
- Kelly C.
Allergy Mom
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