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You deserve incredible food allergy care. If you haven't found the perfect allergist yet, we will introduce you to one of our preferred partner locations and provide end-to-end support for food allergy diagnostic services that cannot be effectively done virtually.

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Fast track to a proper food allergy diagnosis

There are many allergists, but few have a primary focus on food allergy. Unfortunately we see a lot of children misdiagnosed with food allergy. We'll help you find a compassionate specialist with deep experience performing "food challenges" - a diagnostic tool to rule out certain food allergies and make your life a little easier. We'll help with the referral and work directly with the specialist to build your child's personalized care plan.

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Our holistic, team-based approach

You'll work with a multidisciplinary care team that will support you through your entire journey, from food allergy prevention and diagnosis to management, treatment, and ongoing care. Through a patient-centered, holistic approach, our food allergy specialized professionals will help you create more freedom in your life while reducing stress, improving quality of life, making it easier to travel, and helping you empower your child to thrive.

Ongoing support for every family

Overcome fear, anxiety, and daily challenges through live community sessions, skill-building workshops, evidence-based content and ongoing human connection.

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Cut costs on essential allergy medications

Take control from home with expert advice from allergy clinicians, prescriptions, and discounted medication.

  • US-licensed food allergy doctors
  • FDA-approved medications
  • Free ongoing care
  • No insurance needed

Build your circle of trusted caregivers

Your dedicated Care Coach will help you communicate your child's diagnosis and build stronger relationships with caregivers so that you can carry on with your life and work day knowing that your child is safe.

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Level up your allergy safety skills

Learn how to recognize and respond to any allergy emergency. Get all of your questions answered by Care Coaches who are US-licensed professionals and real people with lived food allergy experience.

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We're ready when you are

We're your team—we're here to answer any questions you have, talk through anything on your mind, and get you the answers and support you need.

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