Building Your Tribe for Back-to-School: Partnering with your Child’s Teacher

Have a child with food allergies? Have a conversation with your child’s teacher before the school year starts, so you both know what to expect on Day 1. Make sure you ask your child’s teacher these 12 questions.

  1. How can I support your efforts to keep my child safe this year at school?
  2. Tell me about lunch routines. Where will my child eat? In the cafeteria? In the classroom?
  3. Are there shared snacks in the classroom? Are they provided by the school or by parents?
  4. How do birthday celebrations work, and do kids share birthday treats at school? What about shared treats on holidays, like Halloween?
  5. Do you know how to recognize a mild allergic reaction vs. anaphylaxis?
  6. Do you know how to respond in an emergency? Are you trained to administer epinephrine (i.e. Epipen)?
  7. Where is my child’s epinephrine (and asthma inhaler, if applicable) kept in the classroom/in the school?
  8. If there’s an emergency, do you know when to call 911, and when to call the parent?
  9. How do I let other adults in the school know about my child’s allergy, like the art or gym teacher?
  10. Who will carry epinephrine on a field trip?
  11. Is there a system in place to let substitute teachers know that a child with a severe food allergy is in the classroom?
  12. Do you know how to recognize and address food allergy bullying?

Want to increase food allergy awareness in your community? Save this Back to School graphic to share with friends and caregivers.


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