Real love from real families navigating food allergies

Jamie K - Food Allergy Mom @nutfreemomblog

"I could see the relief in my daughter's face. I cried. Lol. I hope you know how impactful this work is and how much you'll change the face of managing allergies."

Marisa S - Food Allergy Mom

"My son was diagnosed with peanut and tree nut allergies several years ago, and I felt like I was on this journey alone until I found Backstop. Matt and his team have provided an outlet for me to ask questions and share my worries as a parent without being judged. They have provided different ways of thinking that I don’t think I would have reached on my own, and their support has helped me through several occasions. I am grateful for all Backstop is doing to help parents like me!"

Elynne G - Food Allergy Mom

"Backstop is a gift for the food allergy community. Living with a food allergy or multiple allergies comes with many challenges and unknowns. Backstop provides support and information for parents of newly diagnosed children as well as for people continuing to navigate living with food allergies every step of the way. Extremely helpful!"

Melissa H - Food Allergy Mom

"The Backstop community has been such a wealth of information for our family. As I navigate my child’s allergies, it’s incredible to connect with other parents that are experiencing the same challenges and share what has worked for them. My favorite part about the platform is the weekly huddles as it allows us to virtually connect with professionals that can help us through some of the dark times. I no longer feel alone or like my family is the only one that is dealing with this and I now have proper tools and action plans in place to get through the difficult times."

Fawn M - Food Allergy Mom

I think it is really incredible what Backstop is putting together because it's really about that community support and bringing together problem solving, coming together, validating each other's feelings, the amount of validation that can help ease anxiety and that can help bring it down that, oh, this isn't something something I'm tackling alone. This isn't something that I’ve just experienced that other people have experienced. We flipped to that growth mindset. Other people have done this. I can learn to do it, too.

Melissa H - Food Allergy Mom

"Backstop as a food allergy caregiver resource is unlike anything that I have seen before. I am very grateful that I found them. It has been therapeutic to lean into an online community rooted in these shared experiences, while taking-in new strategies for navigating different aspects of this food-allergic life. The camaraderie from the Huddles with Matt, the Backstop team, and other food allergy families has helped to boost my mamma-mental-health by providing an additional support system when needed, so that I personally can keep up the daily to-do of parenting my happy, busy, 15+ food-allergic Kindergarten kiddo, and the rest of our family. Many thanks, Backstop."

Dr. Shelly F - Food Allergy Mom

Often, time with your primary care physician or allergy specialist is limited, so I worry about families’ ability to get all the information they need within the confines of a traditional office structure. But now with the pandemic, we’ve seen the growth in video visits and virtual medicine. I’m really excited that parents can lean into technology, like the Backstop app, to support them during what is already a challenging time. They can get what they need in a way that meets them where they are. So you can live your life and not be overcome with anxiety and fear.

Kristen L - Food Allergy Mom

"My daughter was diagnosed with life threatening food allergies at 2 weeks old. She was allergic to all dairy, eggs, citrus fruit, cherries, peanuts, tree nuts and sesame seeds. She also had an intolerance to soy. Feeding her safely was extremely difficult as her parents but even more difficult for family, friends and at school. She is still allergic to dairy and peanuts. As a young adult, she faces challenges every day. Even college has been difficult. It has always been a struggle getting good reliable information and support. Backstop now makes it easy. In my opinion, there is not a better resource out there. I highly recommend signing up for this service. The personalized attention is amazing.”

Andrea H - Food Allergy Mom

“I am new to the Backstop Community and am so grateful to have become a part of this circle of support. Having a child with food allergies can be isolating and anxiety inducing. I felt instantly welcomed and supported from the very first workshop. Matt and his team are amazing and their guidance has been a huge source of comfort to me as I learn more and more about navigating my daughter’s food allergies. I am finding the sessions so helpful and am looking forward to learning more and connecting with others who share similar challenges. Highly recommended resource and app.”

Lindsay S - Food Allergy Mom@feedyourcan

"The small group huddles feel personalized and helpful. I feel comfortable sharing our struggles in that setting, knowing that other participants share similar challenges and offer creative solutions in a supportive manner. Knowing that a board-certified food allergy expert moderates the discussion always keeps the content relevant and factual. The huddles are the perfect mix of emotional support for caregivers and tangible tactics that we can implement right away in our busy lives."

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Amy H- Food Allergy Mom
"I don't believe there is any other platform like this and I am excited and grateful for the arsenal of support that you provide. Thank you again for your time and service."
Debbie M- Food Allergy Mom
"Thank you so much! I'm happy to help in whatever manner you feel benefits Backstop. It truly has been such a comfort to me."
Kelly C - Food Allergy Mom
"We would like to say thank you. You were an answer to our prayers. You were able to put my daughter at ease and relate to her on so many levels."
Greg M- Food Allergy Dad
"You've been a trusted partner since day one. Always appreciate your support and listening to my questions about helping Lucy."
Nola W - Food Allergy Mom
"I've gained a lot in terms of knowledge and support. Just the perfect mix. It is great to hear the stories of other mother's and hear everyone's different perspectives."

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